Everything you need to know about the Bali Spirit Festival

Everything you need to know about the Bali Spirit Festival

Words By: Lucinda Starr

In an age of digital distraction, it’s hard to find the space to switch off. Ready for a detox? Look no further than the Bali Spirit Festival 2019, an inspiring celebration of yoga, dance and music running until March 31st on the idyllic island of Bali.

Attracting over 5,000 global attendees every year, this 8-night mind-body extravaganza is much more than your average yoga retreat. Sure, there’s lofty yoga spaces set amongst the island’s lush jungle surrounds and even challenging aerial yoga experiences to take things up a notch.

With everything from dance classes to martial arts, plus wisdom workshops and live music, there’s a whole lot to get your head around. So, we’ve done the hard work for you.

Bali Spirit Festival

It’s A Choose-Your-Own Adventure Experience

Unlike most festivals, Bali Spirit invites you to craft an itinerary to suit you. Your ticket gives you unlimited access to the entire festival offering, so you can let your inner guide take the reigns.

Ready to commit? Their Weekend Pass ($370.24) let’s you explore all the daytime workshops and music nights across 3 jam-packed days. Drop in with a 1 Day Spirit Pass ($127.59) or save some dosh and head straight to the music tent with a 1 Day Music Pass ($32.64). The ball’s in your court.  

Bali Spirit Festival

You Can Learn Burlesque Dancing With A Gypsy And Try African Drumming Meditation

When it comes to workshops, Bali Spirit Festival has something for everyone. Literally.

Fancy finding your rhythm with a hypnotic session of African drumming meditation? Ever wanted to try BioDynamic Breathwork to release that pent-up stress? Or want to let loose with an uplifting Burlesque Dance class? Say yes to all of the above. Trust us, you’ll want to experience it all.

Bali Spirit Festival

You’ll Never Be Bored

Forget hours of lazing around on bean bags, this is a festival to get you moving. Start your day at the community pavilion with a dynamic yoga workshop, before cooling off with a dip in the festival’s crystal clear pool.  Head to their healing huts for a private Tarot card reading before letting their team of massage therapists work the tension away.

Finish your day with a night of live music under the stars, featuring a stellar line-up of international artists from the US, Brazil, Argentina and beyond.

Once you’ve worked up an appetite, head to the festival’s market to sample global flavours to suit raw, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free eaters using local and organic produce. What more could you want!

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Bali Spirit Festival