Say Hi To Bali’s Latest Coworking + Creative Space, ‘Kinship’

Say Hi To Bali's Latest Coworking + Creative Space, 'Kinship'

Going to work some days is honestly like drinking bad coffee - bitter, unenjoyable and uninspiring. Harsh but true. The office is dull, the people are counting down till their 5pm finish and you’re caught up in the mundane weekly drag of it all.

But what if you could work from a space that was the opposite of a sh*tty coffee? What if it were uplifting, vibrant and just a wee bit delicious? Welcome to the latest coworking hotspot that has everyone chatting - Kinship Studio Bali.

The converted warehouse and multifaceted creative workspace is doing just that - making people want to come to work. Combining the best of coworking with the freedom of a community built environment, this space is for the creators, doers and makers of Bali. With private studios, a communal workspace, a photography studio and a cafe, Kinship is built around staying connected; interacting, meeting and working alongside other local entrepreneurs looking to inspire and be inspired by their environment.

Sounds like a space you’d be interested in? We caught up with the team behind Kinship to get the low down on this latest hotspot, have a read below:

Kinship Studio Bali

How did the idea of Kinship come about?

Kinship was born out of a love for connecting with other like minded individuals and a desire for space to share knowledge within a community. I’ve been in Bali for the past three years, mainly working online and really felt there lacked a place for people to work individually, collaboratively and in a creative setting. The idea started as sticky notes plastered all over my bedroom wall, then countless weeks in the sun on my scooter scouting the ideal location (an ex-garment factory, located in Berawa wasn’t easy to come by). Finally, with the concept developed, a location secured  and my friend/architect onboard we were ready to roll. The renovation started in about June last year, only to finish in January.

What was your main purpose behind starting this venture?

In short - to bring together like minded individuals, in a space of creativity and collaboration. We are housed in a huge ex-garment factory down a tiny Gang in Berawa and there are multiple elements that make up Kinship Studio. We have a large communal area, for co-working by day and events/workshops and exhibitions by night. We’ve got a fully equipped photography studio, with Broncolor lighting equipment and a cyclorama wall, as well as 6 private offices/studios and a meeting room. At a glance you could call it a co-working space but our goal is to develop it a little further and we believe that is evident through our events, workshops and community incentives.

What can we expect from you over the next year?

Over the next 12 months we see our community growing and changing. The space is versatile and we would love to see how the community interprets and interacts with what we have created. We plan on hosting many events, workshops and exhibitions over the next 12 months. We look forward to getting to know the people who work within our space and creating some big things.

We love the look and feel of the space, can you describe the vibe you were trying to achieve when building Kinship?

The vibe of the place is very industrial, we kept the original structure and built the working spaces inside. Our aesthetic is clean and simple, we used a lot of polished concrete and matte black finishings but softened the space with beautifully, custom-made furniture that emits a very Nordic or even Japanese feel. We use a lot of recycled materials in the build and furniture to minimise our environmental footstep.

Our ideal outcome for the space is pretty simple: If we can bring people together in a space they feel comfortable & inspired, then we are already halfway there. If our community then decides to create and collaborate together, then I really feel we have achieved what we set out to do.

For those who love coffee and a nibble whilst they work, is there food and bev available for co-workers?

We’ve partnered with our friends Ben & Maya, from Ruko Cafe to do a coffee corner in-house. This isn’t just for those wanting to work in the space, everyone is welcome to pop by and enjoy a coffee in the AC.

Are there any plans for hosting events at the Studio?

Community is the backbone of Kinship Studio and we believe the only way to really connect with our community is through events and workshops. We recently hosted our first event - a nude life drawing workshop and it was a beautiful, sold-out evening for women to connect and get creative. Stay tuned on our social media channels for upcoming events.

Kinship Studio Bali

Who’s the team behind this creative outlet?

We are just a small team, for now. When I told a close friend of mine, Joey, the concept right at the beginning, he was in then and there. From there, we hired our first staff member Nova who has been working tirelessly by my side to launch this project. She now works as our community manager. In charge of the photo studio, we’ve got Dennis Arthur, an absolute powerhouse and pleasure to be around. Most recently, Jacque & Nikki have come on board. Jacque has the ability to talk and connect with anyone - we’re very excited to have her in the space and Nikki is our in-house wellness guru, who will be teaching weekly yoga in the communal area and paving the way to wellness for all our members.

What does the future look like for Kinship?

At the moment we are focusing on the community and space at hand, but that isn’t to say we don’t have big plans for the future. We’ve got some incredible events lined up for this year so connect with us on Instagram or Facebook to be the first to know. We’re also currently offering free trial day-passes for those who would like to test out the space.

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Kinship Studio Bali