Eat like you mean it, new restaurant Billy Ho just opened and it’s so damn good!

Eat like you mean it, new restaurant Billy Ho just opened and it’s so damn good.

Let’s get one thing straight, there’s a lot of great food in Bali. But no one’s doing fusion Asian like the newest restaurant to open in the heart of Canggu, Billy Ho. Think of all the good-for-your-soul food you crave from Hong Kong (yes I’m talking about sweet milk toasts), Japan and South Korea, and then imagine it all in one. On your plate. In a top notch restaurant. Sounds great, right?

Billy Ho Restaurant

Billy Ho is the latest go-to by master chef Will Meyrick, the genius behind some of Bali’s best and most authentic restaurants. Will is well-known across the country and one of the most respected maestros of the South-East Asian food scene. He continues to explore the culinary landscape of Asia, taking inspo from the unique food culture of each destination. He can be found at street stalls, in neighbourhood kitchens and backyards, at markets, getting off the beaten track to get to the heart of the dishes that move and shake him, tracking down the original recipes that are handed down through generations.

But let’s talk about what’s really important: the food. Here’s our tried and tested recommendations that you won’t go wrong with.

~ Lobster prawn tempura with sesame seeds, green shallots and numbing dried chilli.

~ Robata chicken breast with green chilli and miso with a chimichurri dipping sauce.

~ Pork and cabbage gyoza with miso, green shallots, black vinegar and shoyu dressing.

~ Steamed grouper with Zucchini scales, homemade udon noodles, asian mushroom and tempura zucchini flowers.

~ Torched black angus beef with eggplant miso and yuzu cured egg yolk sauce.

Ever wondered what heaven looks like? Order the “Es Krim Potong” dessert and you’ll find out. It’s salted caramel with cashew nut goodness, topped with roti crisps and caramel sauce millefeuille.

Fancy a tipple? ‘Course you do. You’re in the Bintang capital, after all. The hand-crafted beer selection deserves a shout-out and the wine menu has everything you need, but if you’re more inclined to a cocktail, Billy Ho’s got all the classics with a twist that we wouldn’t (and didn’t) say no to.

Get yourself down there asap.

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Billy Ho Restaurant