Barney Cools | Poolside Etiquette Mixtape 19

Barney Cools | Poolside Etiquete Mixtape 19

Barney Cools Mixtape

The start of the week is here, you can taste the deep sense of adventure on the tip of your tongue and you're filled with a sense of excitement. Your mates are scootin' to Canggu, boards waxed and ready, a few frothies chilled waiting for you back at the villa and the promise of a sweet swell set to grace your wave lovin’, beach bum selves. With the promise of an adventure filled weekend on the horizon, the crew behind Barney Cools are keeping the vibes alive with the latest edition of their Poolside Etiquette Mixtape series. Plug in and feel the hot breeze all week long. Yeeewwww! 

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