Flights To Indo for $99, Ya Joking?

Flights To Indo for $99, Ya Joking?

When you hear the ‘ding’ of a new message pop into your email inbox and the title reads ‘flights to Indonesia for less than $100’, you hurriedly click into the email, the fantasy of an upcoming holiday already manifesting itself. We can’t blame you really, for the cost of a massage you could be laying beach side in island paradise #winning.

Lucky for you, we received a ‘ding’ into our inbox offering special one-way fares to Indonesia from $99. Yep, our mates at AirAsia have launched new flights this year with direct routes from Perth to Lombok. Touting Lombok as the ‘new Bali’ Air Asia has introduced four-times weekly flights from Perth to Lombok. The sale is on until March 24 and will be valid for travellers heading to Indonesia between June 9 and October 26.

AirAsia Aeroplane Flights

Following a series of earthquakes that struck the island of Lombok in July and August last year, AirAsia Indonesia chief executive, Dendy Kurniawan, said that Lombok will soon become ‘a thriving tourism destination for many Australians.’

“The development of Lombok as an AirAsia hub will also serve as the catalyst for healthy growth and competition in Indonesia. By stimulating the market with low fares we want to provide more opportunities for Australians and Indonesians to fly.” In turn, helping the island boost tourism numbers and recover from 2018 devastating natural disaster effects.

Once you’re finished exploring the islands beautiful beaches, frothing surf spots and stunning natural surrounds, hop on a short boat or plane trip and experience that wonders of Bali. From hidden waterfalls, Bali’s best diving spots and hot-spots for a frothy, Bali is the perfect spot to round-off your trip.

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