To Do’s That Don’t Involve The Booze 🍺

To-do's That Don't Involve The Booze 🍺

Don’t get us wrong, the Bali nightlife is incredible. From live music, international DJ’s and exceptional venues, there is usually an event on nearly every night that has you wanting to hit the town. However, there are some days where you do just want to chill out, go sightseeing and experience alternative night activities on the island. If this sounds like you, here are some late night experiences that don’t involve a hangover.

If you’re weren’t able to squeeze a surf into your daily activities Finns Beach Club has come to the rescue. Every night from 6:30pm to 10pm the beach is lit up with on shore spotlights allowing surfers to enjoy the amazing Bali sunsets and surf into the night. For those not willing to grab the board and charge headfirst into the evening surf, Finns also host a happy hour from 7-9pm, so you can chill on the beach, beer in hand and watch the daring few riding the waves.

Set over two days, this outdoor adventure will begin by exploring the hidden waterfalls of Bali located in the heart of the jungle. The natural wonder consists of seven waterfalls flowing into a deep lagoon whereby travellers can swim and take in the breathtaking views. You will then continue into a nearby national park where you will camp for the night. The camping spot is lined by mountains and hills and views of stunning, nearby temples. Here you can fish, chill in a hammock, explore the nearby lakes and visit the local villages. The second day you will hike and canoe to nearby villages, eat traditional food and explore more of Bali’s natural wonders.

Rest your bones, stir your sense and expand your experiences at The Slow. A boutique accommodation incorporating all-day dining, drinks, art, local culture and interactive retail. Located in the heart of Canggu, this is the perfect place to relax, wine and dine and check out gallery exhibitions being showcased.  

From unique marine life, coral ecosystems and sunken pirate ships, you could organise an entire trip around scuba diving in Bali. The beautiful, crystal-clear oceans of Bali offer travellers a whole new world to explore and better yet, you can also explore them at night. Travellers can take part in a night diving safari where they will explore the region’s pristine reefs and unique marine life by moonlight.

Late Night Eats

You’ve exerted yourself partaking in a night time scuba or surf sesh and you’re hanging for a quick, easy feed. Here are our go to’s for late night, fast, flavoursome meals on the go.

Bo$MAN - this badass burger is open till 4am everyday, dishing up six signature burgers that are just downright, delicious. You can’t go past the original gangster - beef patty, cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, mustard and aoili #drool

Plant Cartel - Vegans eat your heart out, Plant Cartel is a fast food joint that offers both eat in and take away options that are nothing but finger lickin good, plant-based eats. Made daily from scratch using natural, real ingredients, Plant Cartel is serving up delicious fried ‘chicken’, Double Pleeseburger’s, loaded cheesy fries and thicker than thick, thick-shakes!

Street Food - For an authentic look into Balinese food, explore the night markets of Bali with a guide and hunt for some of Bali’s best local dishes.

Let’s start by saying this may not be for everyone. We know many travellers feel passionately about not supporting an industry where tourists ride on animals, but, for something other than partying at Bali’s latest venue, spend the night under the stars at an elephant safari.

The safari begins with an Elephant Education show before a night safari ride through the dimly lit forest. Enjoy a gourmet set dinner by the lake with the elephants right there next to you. For those concerned about the welfare of the animals, the elephant park proudly claims to be Bali’s only dedicated elephant rescue facility and does not use brutal or cruel training methods on the animals. It is home to 31 critically endangered Sumatran elephants and is recognised by the World Wildlife Foundation as a Partner in Conservation.

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