Travel Guide to Bali | Go AWOL With Us

Travel Guide to Bali, Go AWOL With Us

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Not entirely convinced Bali is your next holiday destination? We think your mind will be changed after this snapchat of what the island has to offer.

Sit back and relax as AWOL’s video series, Gone AWOL, takes you through a first-person perspective of what you’re missing out on. From Bali’s exquisite architectural spots, luscious green surroundings and adventurous activities, it’s no wonder Bali is Australia’s favourite holiday destination.

During this segment, AWOL captures Bali’s chilled out vibe with numerous locations to addto your Bali to do list. With Bali just around the corner from Australia, it definitely isthe perfect holiday getaway. So book those tickets, pack your bags and prepare yourself for a combination of delectable goodies, sun-kissed skin, thriving nightlife and endless picture-perfect moments.