Sil.u’et A Night Of Music, Art & Food

Sil.u'et A Night Of Music, Art & Food

The team behind Bali’s newest creative venture, Siluet, has one vision - to support local artists, creatives and local culture by offering international exposure in a unique and exciting setting. From afternoon to sunrise, Siluet will be showcasing an eclectic mix of music, art and food via a creative event and late night party.


With the official launch party set to go off on the 11th of January, the event will showcase local Indonesian artists, from wood carvers, recycled material installations, live painting and art exposition, as well as, 15 hours of music and dance. Siluet will also be pulling together a damn good overseas lineup including, Bas Ibellini, Gescu, Lamache, Robin Ordell, some special guests and plenty of Bali expats.

Partnering with some of the best on the island including Peloton Supershop, Coffee Cartel, Two Fingers and Strawberry Fields this is going to be an exciting, new event combining a variety of different people and different tastes. With only a few weeks left until the event, check out the details below:


When - 11 / 01 /19

Time - 3pm - 6am

Where - Joshua District