Project Hiu: Tourism vs Shark Fishery

Project Hiu: Tourism vs Shark Fishery


In 2018, a small team lead by Madison Stewart travelled to one of Indonesia’s largest shark fisheries with one intention, to befriend a shark fisherman. In a world where shark stocks are collapsing, changing generations of shark fishermen who fish for survival is essential, but nearly impossible. There is one trade however, that can rival the multi million-dollar shark trade, one trade that can save sharks and people, a trade that thrives on something that wont go extinct, tourism.

This short film depicts the initial journey of project Hiu (project shark) to find a shark fisherman among the fleet, willing to let us onto his boat and pay him for tourism, distracting the boat from its usual shark fishing trip.

Through the grasp of Chinese shark fin buyers, struggles of developing nations, sketchy fishing boats, crystal clear water, thriving reefs and perfect waves, we find a glimmer of hope, in an ocean decimated by demand, we find an alternative source of income. Project Hiu Tourism VS shark fishery, is a film to prove to the world that one person, and one shark fisherman, can make a difference.

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