Five spots for a frothy!

Five spots for a frothy!

You're riding around in the arvo sun (probs a bit sunburnt), not quite ready to head back and wash up for a night out and you’re hanging for a few cold ones while the sun sets... Save yourself time scooting around the backstreets of Bali searching for the perfect sunset spot - here are our five favourite spots for a frothy all within 20-odd minutes of each other.

Our founder, Jack Warwick, used to go to this place before it was the mecca that is, Tropicola. It was once a little known spot in Seminyak called Mozaic, which has since been turned into one of the trendiest beach clubs in the region. Perfect spot to soak up some sunset rays and crack open a beer. 

Ok, technically you're not supposed to be up here unless you're staying at the hotel. Leisurely tip - tell the bloke who serves you that you're visiting your friends in 318 and they're on their way up and you'd like to order a drink in the meantime 😉 The view is beautiful, you're 6 stories above Seminyak with uninterrupted 360 degree views.

Frothy Beers in Bali

This is the perfect spot to take your bro for a few San Miguel Light's. They're super icy, not too heavy on the gut + you can watch the lads out there getting waves while the sun sets and dark falls. Just a heads up it's a 200K minimum spend to get in, however, this is enough for 3 frothaccino's.

This spot is so underrated and the perfect spot to just unwind. It's like sitting in your grandparent's backyard, a cute little pool, with scattered picnic tables and an old shack. Make sure you check it out! They've also got GREAT drink deals around sunset as there's no sea-views.

For the ultimate cheap-beer and island experience, you need to sink a few at The Naked Coconut on Berawa Beach. It's a little bash down a dirt road and you'll pop out at the back of a short strip of beach bars.