Praise The Liquid Gold Gods, Welcome To The Best Brews In Bali

Praise The Liquid Gold Gods, Welcome To The Best Brews In Bali

If you ask any Australian they will say Aussie coffee is the best in the world. From the perfect flat-white to a creamy cappuccino, Aussies are coffee snobs and we’re not willing to compromise on a quality brew. For the many Aussie travellers hopping on a short flight to Bali and craving good coffee, we’ve got you sorted. Here are some of our favourite coffee shops.

Coffee Espresso

Australian Brew

For the die-hard coffee lovers who aren’t ready to swap their delicious daily brew whilst travelling, we have the perfect coffee spots for you. The number one spot we go to for all our coffee needs is none other than Revolver Espresso. This hole-in-the-wall shop is located on Jalan Petitegnet in Seminyak and serves up some of the best coffee on the island. The storefront resembles something out of a Wild Wild West film, but don’t be fooled, this cafe knows how to dish up a mean cup of joe.

Bondi meets Bali at Canggu’s health haven, Crate Cafe. Australian owned, Crate Cafe delivers and Aussie coffee experience topped off with a side of delicious and nutritious eats. Whether your ducking in for your morning takeaway, or enjoying a brunch with friends, rest assured knowing you’ll be served a satisfying cuppa. From flat whites, cappuccinos, cold brews and iced latte’s, you will well and truly get your caffeine fix at Crate.

Wellness Warriors

If you’re not a fan of dairy milk, if you’re lactose intolerant or vegan, it can be hard to find cafes that provide dairy-free alternatives when travelling. Thank fully Bali is a holy mecca of wellness and vegan alternatives so finding dairy-free brews is quite a breeze.

Peloton Supershop is a popular morning hotspot, serving up some of the plant-based bites in the region. Don’t be fooled by their delicious menu though, these guys also serve up a mean coffee. Using organic revolver beans (no dahhh), choose from a large selection of daily house-made mylks, including almond and coconut. We especially love the coconut latte and ice coconut mocha latte - delish!

If you’re in Canggu also check out Betelnut cafe for one of the best coconut milk lattes ever! Relax in the shade of the local trees, take in the picturesque views of nearby rice fields and sit back and sip on your morning coffee. Actual bliss.

Cold Brew

We’re not going to deny it - Bali can get hot and when you’re sweating your t*ts off sometimes the last thing you feel like is a hot coffee. Thank fully Bootstrap has you sorted. Bootstrap is a Canggu hotspot dedicated to cold brew coffee, in fact, that’s all they serve! Enjoy one in store or take a ready-to-drink bottled cold brew coffee with you to drink throughout the day.

Seminyak Sips

Seminyak is one of our favourite shopping hotspots, but it’s also one of our go to locations for quality coffee. So before you hit up the local fashion gems, get your daily caffeine dose at one of the many cafe hotspots.

Corner House and Souq are our tried and trusted go-to for morning takeaways. Whilst Sisterfields are a favourite for morning brunch or mid-shopping coffee pitt-stop.