No wifi, you shitting me? Meet Le Pirate’s new private island

No wifi, you shitting me? Meet Le Pirate’s new private island

No wifi? No worries, said no one ever… or so we thought! Apparently offline is the new holiday luxury according to the new Le Pirate Beach Club

Have you really travelled if you haven’t asked your mates, ‘where should we eat’ and they’ve responded with, ‘where has free wifi?’

Free wifi has become a travel necessity and it’s not hard to see why. Technology has become an essential part of daily lives: it provides connectivity, entertainment and immediate gratification - we all know why you posted that bikini photo Sandra, photos or it didn’t happen, right?

Le Pirate Island

Society’s constant search for sustenance through connectivity has turned us into wifi hungry maniacs, which is why many people are opting for wifi-free holidays. Yep, you heard it here first! Say goodbye to the holy grail of signs and signals and say hello to uninterrupted conversations and screen-free activities. Travellers are now opting to disconnect and reconnect on their very own private island, Le Pirate.

Touted as the ultimate digital detox (literally, no one can contact you!) Le Pirate is an island sanctuary where travellers can spend a day diving into crystal clear waters, lazing in their own beach hut and sleeping under the stars. The island promotes a barefoot experience (Birkenstocks you’re sitting this one out), exhilarating cocktails, unreliable wifi, zero hot water or air conditioning and shared outdoor bathrooms. Whilst some of you may be yelling ‘Willlsssoooon’ and experiencing sharp visions of Tom Hanks in Castaway, many are looking forward to this ‘offline’ experience.

If you’re looking for a digital detox and an experimental travelling experience check out the new Le Pirate Island. Located 45 minutes from the heart of Labuan Bajo, off the coast of Flores, spend the day and night figuring out what to do with zero technology.

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