From the legends behind Mexicola, Da Maria and Luigi’s Hot Pizza, comes ‘TROPICOLA’!

From the legends behind Mexicola, Da Maria and Luigi’s Hot Pizza, comes ‘TROPICOLA!'

A brand new tropical paradise just outside of Seminyak

Dance until the early hours of the morning on the pristine sands of Seminyak. Wine and dine on some of the islands best cuisine and enjoy sweeping, panoramic views of the indian ocean. Welcome to Bali’s hottest new venue, Tropicola.

When we heard the team behind Bali’s iconic Motel Mexicola and Da Maria were opening up a multi-stage, beachfront development on Seminyak Beach, we immediately asked, ‘when can we visit?’ Opening its doors August 2018, Tropicola beach club is set to become the must visit drink, dine and dance venue on the island.

Tropicola Beach Club features three incredibly unique bars sprawling over multiple levels, surrounding two luscious pools and a wood fire open kitchen. We are already imagining enjoying a solid sunset sesh whilst relaxing in the sun, sipping great cocktails and dining all day long on the venue’s fresh seafood and grilled meats menu. Hurry the f*ck up August!

With plans to expand from a beach club into a restaurant, rooftop bar and hotel, the beach club will be the first to open its doors to the public. Over the following year the next two stages will roll out, beginning with a 60 seat restaurant, followed by a rooftop bar and event space with vast, uninterrupted views and finally a luxury hotel.


We caught up with Tropicola owner, Adrian Reed, to get the inside scoop on all things Tropicola:

You’re about to open another exciting venue. Why another, why Tropicola?

I’ve always wanted to have a beach club and the opportunity fell into my lap. Tropicola is an offshoot to Mexicola but obviously on the beach.

What kind of crowd do you expect we’re going to see at Tropicola?

Like all our brands we’re open to everyone our philosophy is 8 to 80!

With venues such as Mexicola, Luigi’s and Da Maria, you have set a pretty solid benchmark for good drinking, dining and dancing - can we expect similar vibes from Tropicola?

Vibe dining is what we like to call it. Everything we do has an area of fun and dancing. 


What keeps you living and developing in Bali?

It’s simple there is no place like Bali

When you’re not growing your venue portfolio, where can we find you and what are you up to on the side?

Sitting on a mountain hiding from the rest of the world

Have you got any other work projects bubbling away behind the scenes?

Yes! The biggest project the world has ever seen it’s called Earth Ledger. It’s a platform that's about to revolutionise the entire planet - you can find more information at Earth Ledger.

Last but not least, what are your three favourite things to do in Bali when you’re not hosting your own spots?

  1. Surfing (check out some of these sweet surf spots)
  2. Kicking back on an island somewhere in Indonesia 
  3. Working on my upcoming projects
Tropicola Beach birds eye view