Kombucha and techno together at last at Gypsy Lands

Kombucha and techno together at last at Gypsy Lands!

Contemporary electronic music, glitter-chix, butterflies, and that...

If you’ve recently scooted the streets of Bali, scrolled through your Gram feed or stalked any influencer who loves a boogie and a big weekend, you will have seen the bright, glittery madness that is Gypsy Lands music festival approaching. Revolutionising the Aussie bush-doof, Gypsy Lands is the brainchild of millennial meme lord and social media funnyman, Kai Suteja, best known as @urmumsyadad. Touted as the next big international hoe-down by the creator himself (it must be true then, right?) the festival has become heavily discussed and or anticipated.

Set to untz on July 21st in Seminyak, Bali, the event promises to bring a whole lotta of ‘hot chixx’ and sick beats to the shores of Bali. Not one to stay inside a box, Suteja has split the festival into two alternate personas, good versus evil, The Badlands and The Wonderlands.

“We’ve got a half pipe where you can break your bones. There’s a thunderdome people can fight in. There’s a bit where you can get tattoos and piercings. There’s a fetish room. This is all in ‘The Badlands’, the naughty side,” states Suteja.

“Then there’s ‘The Wonderlands’, and that’s glitter, butterflies, kombucha. There’s a disco chapel and in order to enter, you need to kiss someone. There’s a maze that connects the two areas, and you need to traverse it to get between.”

Whether your planning on getting your post-apocalyptic sinner on in The Badlands or dancing with the fairies at The Wonderlands, prepare to cut some mad-hectic shapes to some proper bass. Hoe down to the likes of Andy Garvey, Robbie Lowe, Rebel Yell, Russia’s Rozen, Amsterdam’s Marsellus and Indonesia’s own Wisdy.

So start preparing your leathers and feathers, align your chakras (this is crucial) and prepare to be ‘woke’ in the magical world of Gypsy Lands.

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